Danny Bartha and James Hamilton step up to the plate for the next podcast. Equipped with only the rarest of plastic discs, two pair of hands and a load of beers, they have managed to construct something pretty for you to listen to… who remembers how to do that nowadays hey?

May I present, putting digi jocks to shame the world over… Thick As Thieves.


Quick Q&A session –

Great to have you on the podcast guys, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves? what are you all about?

We are just two people that are addicted to wax and everything that surrounds it. The whole culture of going to record shops & finding those hidden gems, shit that your’ll never find online. Taking time out and physically going to listen to things is an important part of our process, plus its always more fun to spend a day in a dusty record shop than it is on your laptop searching beatport or what not. Our tastes are always evolving not necessarily going straight for the hottest track of the moment is pretty essential for us.

Taking time out and physically going to listen to things is an important part of our process

What can expect to hear in your podcast?

A selection of moody tones, deep drums, some acid and the mix has a slightly older, machine-led techno feel to it. It starts laid back, builds in the middle and comes back down agian at the end. It’s not pitch perfect but it’s got viiiibe. We had a lot of fun recording it and i think that comes through. It was recorded live on x2 Technics 1210’s, DJM 800 and some nice wax. I think we ended up doing two takes and this was the best.

A little bird told me you two are working in the studio, what kinda vibe are you into? can we expect to hear something soon?

Yeah, we have been working on our own productions for a while now. We’re not falling over ourselves to put a record out for the sake of putting a record out. The market is polluted enough as it is. We want our first records to have substance, be interesting and represent what we’re about. We’re very close and have had great feedback from friends so watch this space.

After hearing the podcast im sure a lot of people will wanna see you guys live, where can we catch you?

We are residents at the party called Tief at Corsica Studios and the next one will be NYE with a brilliant line up including SCB Wbeeza and Joy Orbison you can find out more about the party from here…..


Also we’ve been asked to play at a special party with Don’t Be Afraid Records, Hyponkik and Shelter. Its for a good cause, there’s some good dj’s playing and a few secret guests to.