Dropping an LP is a big thing, you have to make a statement, make use of the format you have chosen – it’s not just about stacking more of the same but instead you have to offer a more substantial story..more of a journey. Most of all its a hurdle that a lot of artists fall at. With the Late Nite Cancerian Erefaan Pearce has just taken a step up, and put together a long player that is truly worth your time.

From the ever changing moods of the pads in 23 Biedouberg, to the sheer depth and gorgeous vocals by Anthony Oseyemi of Ripples. This LP starts with as few different influences at the forefront, at times it can be more traditionally Deep House, cut from a soulful cloth. Whilst at others it can step up into almost progressive synthwork, sulty and inviting the careful progression pulls you along.

Really though, sometimes you just need to listen for yourself.