Next up on the podcast is someone we have been chasing for a while. His label has a reputation from some of the best cuts in the House scene and Sames is taking control for your musical fix for the week.

Good to have you on the podcast Sames! Sames is the head of Godzilla Kebab based out of St Petersburg Russia. I have been pestering him to come over for a mix for some time so it’s fantastic to be able to share that with you today.

Hi there, nice to meet you and thanks for having me on.

Godzilla Kebab showcases some incredible music, what was your motivation behind the label? You have this raw but cultured sound, for me it’s House music for people who love the artform of House music.

Regarding the motivation, you know it’s two types of people in this business. DJs who started to produce and producers who started to DJ. I’m the first type. There was a moment when I felt that I want something else, I want more. And yes I have a lot of people around who love the artform, sure that inspires me.

Your label and your sound is very much steeped in the vinyl scene. Living in St Petersburg must make running the label or getting your hands on the latest releases difficult?

If I buy records for example from Juno and they send by the basic post, package will arrive in 15-30 days without any problems, but when I need to get records from the pressing plant or from distributor it’s usually a problem. They both do not send by basic mail but only with companies like UPS or DPD or so. Customs usually stops their shippings, and then I have to explain for what I need 50 the same new records, pay tax, pay broker… etc.
That’s why I disturb and bother my friends around EU with requests like ‘please receive and rip my TPs’, please receive a box with 50 records and keep until I come and pick by myself. Finland and Estonia are very close, that helps me as I am in St.Petersburg. But for people from deeper Russia it’s an extra complications and expenses.

Yikes, that shows a lot of commitment to run it properly like you do. Are there not any pressing plants or distributors in Russia?

No not that I know of, it is a pity as it would make things much easier.

Would you say your music is all serious House, or do you have a more playful side…maybe drop the occasional Disco track? What can we expect from a Sames set?

Yes its playful a lot. I can not be here with that serious face.


are the kind of grooves in a Sames set.

I would love to know more about St Petersburg, obvious the place has a rich culture but what is it really about. What can someone expect if they came down to feel the vibe. How would it compare to other places?

I do clubbing for last 15 years. So I saw how underground nightlife changed how local scene changed and I feel how I got changed. A lot of venues closed a lot opened. MAMAclub, Tunnel, Parspb,0,1,2,3, Druzhba bar, Stereobar, Jesus club, Efir, Case club, Easybar, Mosaique – this is my list from 2001 to nowadays. Only Mosaique club exist and it’s the main underground spot of the city today. My friend joking that when he goes to Mosaique he feels like mother asked him to meet a younger brother from the school. A lot of the visiting clubbers were 3 years old when we jumped for drum and bass in 2000. But maybe it is us who are too old, not them too young? Some of my school ages idol DJs are now my mates. Some of them playing shitty music these days unfortunately or far away from the music business completely. Anyway I love the dynamics, the changes. All good here, come and check yourself. 😀

A little bird tells me that Sames isn’t your real name? care to share?

Sames is not my real name for sure. Between 2007-2010’s I was playing a lot of disco edits, cosmic disco and slo mo stuff as a DJ Chance. In 2008 was a party at the mighty Druzhba bar, with French DJ Pilooski playing. I asked him to sign a record for me. When he asked my name I said Chance but there was loud music and everybody was drinking a fair bit. So he wrote not Chance but Sames. We laughed for around 5 minutes and forgot. 4 years later I’ve decided to use Sames as a producer name.

It’s a cliche question but what do you guys have coming up? I hear from an inside source 2017 will be a nice year for Godzilla Kebab.

I have our 9th 12″ just releasing this week. In 2017 Godzilla Kebab will hit 5 years and it will be 10th vinyl release. I will celebrate with 12″ 4 tracks super VA, 10 tracks digital compilation and some merch stuff. All TBA. And sure, I will write in Russian: раскрутимся дичайше!