PREMIÉRE – Guri & Tatsu – Chicago at Night (Kyodai Remix)

SIM018-Guriand Tatsu_ChicagoatNight_KyodaiRemix
SIM018-Guriand Tatsu_ChicagoatNight_KyodaiRemix

Exclusive first play for you from one of our favorites Kyodai. The new Guri and Tatsu EP on Silence in Metropolis is another high water mark from the DC label that is really starting to pick up pace.

The originals mix up that special groove we come to expect from the label with more hypnotic synthwork, bouncing off the message of the track.

Kyodai’s remix takes thing in a slightly different direction, it’s big whilst being warm, the synthwork and bassline work together in unity here creating a really powerful almost overpowering, all enveloping sound. They keep things simple and in doing so pulled off a really beautiful and powerful remix. Stream away.

You can also hear the clips from the full EP. Out NOW over at Traxsource.

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