Back in September I posted the debut release on Jaunt Records by Blackhall & Bookless. A few months on and it’s good to see the label following up with another heavy set of tracks by way of the Basement Cuts EP by Deep’a & Biri. As suggested in the title, these tracks are very much geared towards the underground, plenty of raw and distorted beats, thunderous basslines and tripped out melodies.

Deep’a is a key figure in Tel Aviv’s night life both as a dj and as a A&R For Tel Aviv’s Cutting Edge Club Barzilay (RIP). Itai Biri is a young producer from the city of Jerusalem who started his journey into electronic music at the early age of 14. Together the boys are now on Derrick Mays Transmat Booking agency and doing rather well for themselves as both djs and producers. Check out their Boiler Room Tel Aviv mix here.

On remix duty for the last tracks are The Analogue Cops who add a touch of vocal and a 303 quirkiness to the track. It’s as ever banging as the original and closes the EP nicely. Grab yours from JUNO RECORDS