Schlachthofbronx, Max Cavalerra, Edgar 9000 & The Anarchy Skywalkers – RFR008

High, high, high end stuff from Germanys RFR Records. A label we have been watching grow of the past year or so with some unbelievable records. This new one stands out even in a back catelogue filled with names like Skee Mask, DJ Hell, Jichael Mackson and more.

The stand out for us comes from Edgar 9000 – a retro futuristic trip through early Electro but with a space aged twist. Dark and dirty whilst assured and clinical in its intent.  The Anarchy Skywalkers walk in similar territory with their FAT acid track.

Max Cavalerra’s track takes things on a little more of a Techno tint, mesmeric and solid – the production levels are through the roof on this, infact the whole EP is an example of how things should sound absolute fire from start to finish and with enough variety from Techno to Schlachthofbronx’s dubbed out masterpiece to make this EP and absolute must not miss.