Jordan Peaks own imprint Rogue Society has reached its 3rd release and continues to shine with another pick’n’mix EP of intricate electronic creation by Esteban Adame. No stranger to the techno circuit, Estebane makes ‘big’ tunes, suited for ‘big’ venues and has carved a signature sound for himself with effective use of big industrial pads, throbbing basslines and wide open reverbs, all of which are evident here.

In true Rogue Society style, the release is again bolstered by 2 big remixes from Robert Hood and Jus Ed. Robert takes the lead melody from the Rays of Saturn original, pitches it up a notch and turns on the gas (as you would expect from the M Plant don), powerful stuff. Jus Ed’s take on Baby Nostradamus loses the ‘acid’ and replaces it with a ‘plinky plonk’ sort of percussive melody and more expression on those dreamy pads, a mellow alternative to it’s parent original. Wax from Juno