Kolour LTD has had such a strong year, easily one of my favorite labels, so it was a pleasure to ask Mike to come on the podcast and do a little mix for us.  A vinyl only mix,  he dusted off his decks and records and has spun this for us, a mix of classics, new stuff and even some stuff that never saw a digital release.  Lovely stuff.  We asked him a few questions below….

So what’s the story behind this mix?

Well, there’s a new monthly night that just started up here in my city.  It’s dedicated to being an “all vinyl” affair.
funny how an all-vinyl event is part of the retro-cool novelty culture these days isn’t it?  hell, you’re lucky to even see a pair of turntables at a gig over here anymore!

But that’s cool as it afforded me the chance to hook my turntables back up & sift through my vinyl in preparation for this gig.  Mixing vinyl just takes you to an entirely different zone. I’m grateful that I learned to mix on vinyl & got to play as much of it in the clubs as I did before the whole digital era took over like it has.  That said, I hold nothing against the digital era at all though.  It’s the here-and-now and is here-to-stay.

So, I just started mixing and hit record and this is what turned up. It is the first vinyl only mix I’ve done in quite some time. umpteen years in-fact.   Some of the tracks are newer & more ”modern” joints so-to-speak but most of it is older, classic stuff that i was playing in the clubs back in the early 2000 days.  I am just happy that I’m able to embrace vinyl nowadays and am glad I can share a moment in the zone with you guys!


So whats next for you and Kolour LTD?

As far as what i’ve got in the pipes with kolour LTD – there’s some great stuff on the horizon in 2014.

We’ll start out 2014 on LTD with an EP by Four Walls & Funkyjaws called “One Night in Grodno”  four solid cuts of the kinda house music that my partner Justin and I grew up on.  Over on our sub-label Undertones  – 2014 will also mark the return of our wonderful friend – NY house icon Nathaniel X.

His record ”the last supplement” – this will be a 2XLP release – the first of it’s kind for both us and Nate.
We always have a couple of other things are always simmering over here but that’s enough of the hand for now i reckon 😉


brawther – GSM’s life – balance
franck roger – the spot – earthrumental music
iz & diz – love it, dub it *fred everything mix – silver network
juke joint – melody of the mouth – big love
i:cube – mingus in my pocket – versatile
quarion – europa – retreat
doc martin & andre king present – a little gotten *wax dub – westbound records
dj buck – release the tension – bluem recordings
jt donaldson – my belief – icon recordings
kaskade – i can’t go for that – JTM
the girth – chained to the bed – blue label
miles maeda – lovley dae – dae recordings