Padraig returns to the podcast, sharing his own unique take on pumping summery jams. Good to have him back, we are going to be making the podcast a little more regular in future…maybe a show on the horizon too…..peace!

Clarian & Guy Gerber – ‘Claire’
Dusky – ‘Mr Man’
Pedestrian – ‘Hoyle Road’
Last Magpie – ‘Who Knows’
Joyce Muniz – ‘Sleepless’
Dusky – ‘Vanashing Point’
Steve Nash – ‘Stars & Arts’
Doctor Dru – ‘U Dont Dance’
Greg Pidcock – ‘Blame Game’ (Hobo’s Shamed Mix)
Simon Mattson – ‘Trippin’
Ejeca – ‘Rosario’
Bicep – ‘Stash’