Artist Profile – Daniel Solar & Andi de Luxe

Daniel Solar and Andi De Luxe,  both established and proven artists in there own right but some real magic happens when they come together for there excellent label. Together they have been responsible for many a disco-rinsed dancefloor burner over the last few year.  Hannover natives but both considered some of Berlin’s emergent talents.  With there productions as with there label they are intent on bridging the gap between disco and dance music, while coaxing the techno-loving city’s tastes a little further off the beaten track.

As a child of the early 80s, Daniel was strongly influenced by synth pop and dance music, before rap and hip hop caught his imagination and inspired his first forays into production. Once he had finished school, Daniel became more and more and intrigued with house and techno, clubs and raves, and his studio style expanded to take in electro, techno, and deep house.

Andi is a true veteran, having managed a record shop called “Street Sounds” he then went on to open and run his own record shop in Hannover called Disq Deluxe – a true and dedicated vinyl lover, who really knows his shit!

Daniel’s first release, the Hannover EP, emerged in 2005 and since then he has steadily notched up a number of quality releases.  As a solo act, in collaboration and as a remixer, Daniel and Andi have since gone on to work with labels such as Diynamic, Sleazy Beats, Nomorehits, Meerestief, Ostwind and Peppermint Jam.

In 2010 they slowed the tempo and founded the midtempo house and edits label Dikso, established together. They have released further well-received productions and remixes in this vein for Einmaleins, Keno Records and Kolour’s Undertones, and all the while he has been honing thier repertoire, bringing a lifetime of musical knowledge and appreciation to fruition with exciting, invented whilst tightly crafted sets.

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