Artist Profile – Oli Furness

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Oli had underground electronic music firmly embedded into his life during the early warehouse scene that thrived in Manchester during the 90’s, the sounds of Detroit and Chicago filtered through to the UK and his love of all things house was born.  Fast forward a decade and Furness has obsessively built up a strong collection of analogue hardware and

is now steadily building a legacy of his own analouge drenched and intelligent House music.

Oli also works with Angus Jefford as one half of M.I.L a guise formed between label partners in there own label Music is Love. In this work they utilise a vast array of hardware drums and synths; first deployed with a remix on ‘New Jack City – Back In The Dayz’ EP.  You could say Oli has a bit of a fetish for hardware, and if you did you would be right.

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