Here’s a collection of tracks spanning the realms of techno and electro as I see them today in November 2020. You’ll find a new offering from myself on Rejekt Music, alongside other artists I admire from Detroit and beyond.

FRANCOIS DILLINGER – Infinite – Rejekt Music

ADJ – Bomb Site – For Those That Knoe

Isolated Material – Contempt – Optical Illusions

iota – Terminus (Reptant’s Lizard Tech Mix) – Pure Space

Trichome – Randy Bulbz – Schematic Music Company

Ultradyne – Dr Blowfins Experiment Xix Mix – Pi Gao Movement

D. Strange – Pressure – LO·TEK·NO COMMUNICATIONS

Marshall Applewhite – 6 moves – Junted

Versalife – Shape Shifter – Delsin Records

Zenker Brothers – Intense Incense – Ilian Tape