Colombian-born, Miami-based DJ, producer, and recording artist, Atomyard. The half brain of Speaker Box Productions and co-creator of “Castaway” and “On-Deck” boat parties. He and his team have managed to take hundreds of dancers to exclusive yacht parties and isolated islands where the music is what matters. His motto “think outside the club” is the drive for his parties.

Atom is well known for his versatility. He can be seen rocking the guitar, singing his original, music, or rocking dance floors with his energetic Dj act. Atom is one of the most DJsive DJs in the Miami underground scene. He is frequently invited to play in the hot spots for electronic music in the His Latest song “Coming Back from the Jungle 51” inspired by one of the stages he played at the Okeechobee festival is part of the new Back Door Records compilation ‘Northern Shelter’ern Shelter’

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Grand Ecart – Back Together Again – Beat X Changers

Dominic Dawson – Flashback (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix) – – Street King

Yusuke Yamamoto – Yellow Edge – Eyepatch Recordings

Coney Island Boppers – Ethyl & Flori – House Is The Cure

Atomyard – Coming Back From Jungle 51 – Back Door Records

Delano Smith, Diamondacer – A Message For The Dj (Jimpster Red Light Remix) – – Still Music

Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda – Priestess – Clarity Recordings

Rithma – Just Before Dawn – OM Records

Doms & Deykers – No Life On The Surface (12 Inch Version) – Dolly

Lance Desardi – Terribly Cosmo – Siesta Music