In our mission to rework all our sample packs into more feature rich (Ableton Racks / FX / Template etc…) versions and give them all away for practically nothing. We had to start somewhere, and it had to be the bassdrums!
The first pack available for free in The Archive, is the remastered, reedited and polished kicks from our NDS-8 Underground House 2 pack, worked up into a fantastic Ableton Rack with Fx for Ableton Live 10 Only.
For those in other DAW’s and earlier versions of Live. We have your back too, the samples are all there too to use in any way you see fit.

Download - Underground Electronics - Kicks Pack 2



I will be creating an online House / Techno / Electronic music production hub called “The Archive” – it will feature content from all our current sample packs “repackaged with loads of new features” and alongside brand new content of many kinds. I want to create the ultimate “place to begin and progress” for people getting in to music production and also a massive bank of sounds / interesting stuff for the¬†professionals too.

I am working as hard as I can to get the new content out to you asap. I have been planning it for a while, we will be setting up a Patreon Рmuch of the content will be free but may try a few things for Patrons only РI want to get away from just selling our stuff and more towards those people who appreciate what we have done contributing what they can.

Why? I feel it matches my ideals a lot more closely that just selling what i do.

So expect, sound packs, ableton projects, production technique and how to blogs, podcasts, interviews, video content too which I am especially excited about.


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