To celebrate his stonkin new EP on Unknown to the Unknown. Modman has unplugged, jacked out and dialled into the No Dough mainframe to drop his top mad modular tracks.

Jimmy Edgar has been using modular systems to create a unique sound for a long time and has the ability to push and pull the narrative of the track whilst still retaining that personalized sound.

Dj Haus breaks the unspoken rule of modular music being noodly and never being really condensed music for the floor.

Errorsmith is a producer of epic stature from designing the RAZOR vst to producing some of the most mind bending bad ass music around.

Floating points is most famous for his use of the Buchla systems and in his recent productions this has really shined through for me, i cant wait to catch him live performing in this way.

Rex the Dog has always intrigued me with his home made modulars and solid understanding of his machines. I enjoy his ability to flip between arrangements with his clever patches.

Modman – Robotic Manouvers – Out April 10th on Soft Computing(Unknown to the Unknown)

Robotic Manouvers is a high water mark when it comes to modular dance music. Mod Man’s productions deftly swerve through the maze of modular complexity to create something refined and to the point. This is an example of when the machine is turned into a true instrument through skill and effort. Both Mod Man shows in plentiful amounts.

From the straight up rhythmic chaos of the title track, to the futuristic siren call of Reload and the rough tonality FOLD. This EP sits easily alongside some of the best, and some of the best artists.


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