The guys who fair from north of the border. Glasgow specifically – have a reputation for a hard hitting no nonsense style when it comes to dance music. The 2nd Alumni record does not disappoint in that regard. The Alumni label is the progeny of the Shoogle Studios production school, run alongside the guys behind DABJ and showcasing the best they have to offer.

With their second release we see things take a turn towards the Techno end of the spectrum, Gravity Well has a certain Berlin / Detroit crossover aesthetic to it, interesting and unique synth work being the main power source. Half reminiscent of a Paul Woolford classic taken in a different direction.

Spatial Collide is a much deeper and more full on affair. Lose your mind in the darkness stuff if ever we heard it. Relentless and groovy as the it progresses into heavily dubbed out delays and skittering percussion. Flowing nicely into NX1 which is a hammer to the others drill, heavy percussive, bass drum driven and with just the hint of a melody breaking out. Fabulous EP.