Following up on Melodymathics latest 12” – Demuir and Melodymann are back on a limited 10” platter with tracks that are bound to set dance floors ablaze this summer.   “Howz Your Body and Disco Switch” .

‘Howz Your Body’ is one sleazy jam, the type of joint you can imagine working in dark sweaty basements and open air parties alike. Tight Minimalist House grooves backed all the way up on that speaker shaking bass allows Demuir to create a fun and playful track.

The flip on the vinyl is Disco Switch provided by Melodymann – bringing the strings and taking a fresh Disco edit route.  The record is then packed with 4 locked grooves but it’s the A1 that steals the show for us. Demuir delivers the track with such a wonderful refinement there is no need for over elaboration, just pure House music all night long.

You can grab the record at JUNO | DEEJAY | REDEYERECORDS