MB003 – Alex Medina – Waves of consequence remixes

Mumbai records is a relatively new label, but both it’s first 2 records have utterly intrigued – it is not easy to be individual in the world where most things have been done before. But the unique pulse of Alex Medina’s first 2 records was undeniable, a sound steeped in his years in and around music, punchy and inventive, big rhythms and over the top tones really made Mumbai one to watch even at this early stage.

The third record see’s Alex joined by a cast of figures who all take things on in their own direction, from the established like Barem, Javier Carballo and Handshake, to the novel and new in La Capria, Alani and Focus on Egoless – this remix EP can be quantified as interesting ideas, taken in new interesting directions. A nice mix of what you would expect, and once again stuff that delights in not being what you imagine.


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Owner at NoDoughMusic & Mastering Engineer