Lubish drops a varied and supremely well pulled off LP. From gritty filtered House music that you would find in the deeper clubs, to upfront electro with the catchiest bass you will find.

Dropped on Erizados from Barcelona, an up and coming label with a handfull of top notch releases under its belt already, this latest one from Lubish adds to what is a lovely little back catelog, find more over at their Bandcamp.

What impresses us most about this LP is that while the sounds, ideas and tones vary a lot the quality is all next level. Walking legitimately through a few different scenes is no mean feat.

Like all good LPs this sounds like it could also have been a great DJ set, and we are proud to bring you the premiere for “Among The Clouds” Low Tape Remix. Snappy rhythm and beats make this one a killer cut. That said it was really hard to pick one out for praise on an LP filled with such class.


You can also check out clips of the rest here: