We have been big into Carlo and his friends for a while now, his new EP Back Street Kids bring three of the best together. Carlo, Black Loops and Folamour. Belting EP from 3 superhot artists.

We have the utmost honour to premiere one of the original cuts today in Fly The W. Fly The W has that hypnotic almost live groove mixed with some interesting spoken word. Hitting some spicey Jazz notes as it progresses this is one for the looser moments on the floor.

Coming off the back of a string of heavy records for Neovinyl and a few other choice labels, Carlo and his close friends are going places and we are going to follow them all the way. We had a few words with Carlo below…


Fly the W, whats the name mean?

This name comes from a victory flag that is flown at Wrigley Field after every Chicago Cubs home win. It has become an important symbol for fans and days when the win flag is flown are known as “White Flag Days”.
I got this name from my visit to Chicago last year. A couple of days before I played there the Cubs won the world series and the whole city went literally bananas. There were thousand of people celebrating this title in the streets and it was such a great experience. I started this track in the airport after my gig there as I had a couple of hours waiting till my flight to NYC. It was mandatory for me to link it somehow this track to the city. BTW shout out to all my homies from Chicago! Obscure rules!

What’s next after this record?
I got a 12” coming up on Russian label Sakskøbing scheduled for end of may and my new EP on Organic will drop probably after the summer. Also I just finished a remix for the new album of my friend Piek, and another remix for Sub_urban will be coming during the summer.

Is it true you share a studio with Black Loops? if so how do you find that?
Yup! I share the studio with Maik Yells and Black Loops to be exact and I find it very inspiring. Since we have the studio I have learned so much from my guys! Sometimes it’s a bit hard to schedule our weeks but after all I feel pretty lucky of having such a extraordinary studio buddies.

Lastly let us know a few gigs you have upcoming so we can come listen!
You will find me mainly around Berlin this summer: at IPSE, Chalet and ELSE. Then we also have some nights planned in Zurich, Leipzig, Madrid and Paddeborn in the next few months.

Thanks Carlo!