We welcome Dudster from Organic Music for this edition of the show. He provides a expert cut of proper deep House music with an edge.
Organic music are one of our fav labels and we had a few words with Dudster which you can read below.

Great to have you on the podcast Nico, for the benefit of those not in the know – Nico runs Organic-Music, one of the most consistently on point labels that have been bubbling up in recent years. Can you tell us a little bit about Organic and how you got started?

Thanks for having me Mat 🙂
In the beginning, Organic was about organising day time events in very special spots close to nature,I always felt the need of this combination of music and nature somehow, just feels right.
So it all started in 2007, i was based in the south of Spain at the time and i discovered this amazing Villa in the mountains owned by Nadine ( A very talented violinist), I met Giles Smith @ Fabric(London) a few months earlier and asked him to come and play for the first one , along with local artists. Party was insane eheh, here is a little footage from it (sorry about the quality)

Thanks to Marco Thorn who i met in Berlin the following year , Organic moved to Golden Gate where we had a bimonthly residence that lasted for 2 years, so much fun !!! And from there we decided to release our first vinyl in 2012 (SLZ : Slow Down & Dance EP)

You have worked with some amazing artist and some super strong records from the likes of Doubting Thomas, Rhythm & Soul, Diego Krause…what is the Organic sound?

It’s been a great journey , I feel so grateful to have met such amazing people and artists along the way, you know who you are 🙂 The sound of Organic is mainly house but with a large spectrum, Am not interested in sticking to just one style and like to have the freedom to release what makes me feel good somehow. it’s a question of “Coup de Coeur” i guess and a good connection with each artist i release.

A label, doing it properly, great sounds, great artists, great release format must be tasking. Pressing vinyl…is it harder now? or easier?

It takes a lot of time and passion but it’s so worth it !!
It was very difficult at the beginning, we did not know how to promote , and the vinyl market was not as good at that time. It is much easier these days and am very proud to be able to represent such great artists and friends <3

This mix is to celebrate your 15th record by the amazingly talented 2villas, can you tell us alittle bit about that record?

Yes , Nick Beringer did a remix for there first Wax Isgud EP, a great record !!! That’s how i discovered them and it did not take long before Carlos and Hector sent me these 4 groove infected tracks .
Am very happy to see how well it has been received , a lot of support from great artists. It’s coming out in vinyl in a few weeks, 180gr of solid wax and limited press so don’t sleep on this one 🙂

Finally, whats next for Organic and yourself? where can we find more?

We have a label night @ Rex Club on the 13th of April with Move D, Flabaire and myself , can’t wait for this one ;).
Expect some very special records from Flabaire, Tato, Nick Beringer , DoubtingThomas and Alphabets over the year and a few cool events …
Playing in Berlin next week end @ Paloma Bar on friday and Golden Gate on saturday.
I also grow Organic Strawberries in Normandie , and the season is starting pretty soon. Passion for Nature and Music once again 🙂
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