It has been a huge year for the immensely respected SAFT / PULP. With records from Dam Funk to more pure underground bliss Patrick has really built something special with his label. So we thought we had to get him on the show for an amazing hour or so of something for your soul.

Great to have you on our little show Patrick, we have been following SAFT and PULP for a while now, your labels have an output that really is unique. You seem to have a really good ear for a varied but definite sound. You can tell a SAFT record a mile off, is this something you work to achieve? or does it come naturally?

Great to join your show guys. Honestly looking for a definite sound wasn’t one of my goals when I started the label, it was all about releasing the music I like to play. I have a very definite taste so I guess that’s the reason why unconsciously all the SAFT records follow a kinda defined line. On the one hand I feel flattered if people can recognize a SAFT imprint, but it’s not something I plan on purpose. It all comes naturally.

That identity is actually one of the hardest things to nail down, carving your own niche in a world thats really full of too much music. What would you say is the most important thing for a label to establish themselves?

Unfortunately I don’t know the secret formula. If I compare with cooking, I usually cook without recipe just mixing the ingredients I think could fit together: sometimes it works and sometimes no one would eat (buy) it. It’s all about working hard in what you believe and a bit of luck.

Working / releasing on vinyl isn’t easy at the best of times, is it worth it? and why?

Releasing on vinyl has never been easy and never will be: pressing plant delays, pressing issues. So many factors a label can’t control that modify your schedule during the year. At the end when I see people posting pictures of the SAFT & PULP records they buy it is worth it. Being something tangible makes vinyl special.

I have to ask about Dam Funk, their record on SAFT is amazing – how did you hook up with them?

Actually his manager got in contact with me. He liked the SAFT output and gave me this big opportunity to release Dam’s music. Easiest YES in my life.

Living on an idillic spanish island of Gran Canaria must be lovely for life, but do you sometimes feel a little disconnected? and is that a good or a bad thing?

Disconnected? I would say isolated. Gran Canaria provides an enviable quality of life but has a lot of limitations: less cultural and musical offer, fewer opportunities for gigs, many obstacles to book foreign djs. Depending on the day I have a love-hate relationship with the island but ultimately living here is definitely a good thing. It is our job to make this island a more attractive place in all aspects.

Anyone who follows you on facebook will know you are a bit of an avid chef, cooking up all sorts of amazing food. Do you do takeout orders?

Of course I do, do you have a private jet to send it over? I think with regular post you won’t order again…

New Year is fast approaching, how will you be spending the time of year? and what do you have planned for 2017?

Surrounded by family and friends. Lot of things planned for next year on SAFT & PULP. 2017 looks promising…