Jamie Trench joins us for the latest No Dough Show. Ploughing his own unique and supremely dance floor ready House sound, the Roots for Bloom head has been killing it this year and this mix put a nice cap on things this year.

Busy year for yourself and Roots for Bloom – how has it been for you?

Yea it’s been a great year, we’ve invited a few more people to the label from all over Ireland, Bristol, Holland and Germany and it’s great to be working across the board like this and expanding. It’s a real blessing to be able to work with who I do and looking forward to more.

You cover quite a bit of territory with what you do, as do all the best djs – not sticking so much to one sound but covering stuff thats deeper, edits as well as more up front stuff. What do you consider to be your sound?

Yea I naturally just go with my gut on what moves me or makes an impact on me. If I’m in the cinema and a film soundtrack sounds like it could work as a sample or any old records make me feel like I could make something sound fresh from an old idea I will always run with it. It’s nice to not be strapped down by one style as that’s how I play as well always incorporating various styles of music to give my sets as much depth and meaning as i can. Style wise if I had no describe it I just make music is dance able as possible or anything that will make people forget their worries and let their hair down.

I especially enjoy the Shag edits series you run, some of the more unique edits vinyls around. Whats coming up for the Shags?

Shag edits are probably my personal favourite as well haha they are always so fun to do and to work with people on. We have numbers 7 and 8 in the series in and ready for mastering so won’t be too long on these being released and they have music from Oli Furness, L’atelier, myself and a few other cats that are new to the label. It’s great to hear people are enjoying them as much as we enjoy making them.

You recently started a joint label i&i with none other than Oli Furness, can you tell us a little bit about this and how it came about?

Working with Oli I think was always going to happen eventually. He’s great fun to be around, always gives it to you straight, and we’ve worked together before on his Music Is Love label, so I&I was a real natural progression for us to have a little project together. We run 4 vinyl labels between us so a digital label we can leak music through from ourselves as and when we saw fit is a nice avenue to have.

How do you work in the studio are you all hardware or software? a bit of both?

Definitely a bit of both studio wise, I’ve upped my hardware game recently and Maschine will always be my baby that I go back to when jamming. I’ve never been in to mouse clicking when producing so I guess more hardware was always going to happen and it’s great fun and pushes you in new directions when you add or remove things from your workflow.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, what do you have planned for the festive period?

Right back at you on the Christmas front!! Just back from Brazil which may well be the highlight of the year for me so HUGE shouts to the Radiola crew, 27th Dec I have Room 19 in Dublin with Earl Jeffers and Long Island Sound which should be great, then Brixton Jamm on the 28th so all in all festive tipples aplenty!!