Doms & Deykers – Evidence From A Good Source

Martyn and Steffi are two producers who we have had a lot of respect for here. They have been working together under the Doms & Deykers name for a short while now and this is their first LP and it was a definite insta-buy for me.

Evidence from a Good Source is packed with supremely crafted Techno music. A complex mix of analogue drum machines, beefy mixdowns and more exotic textures and tones, this is an exercise in pushing the sound forward whilst keeping the core of what it is all about. The album serves the dancefloor, there is little on it that isn’t intended for the clubs but that takes away no beauty from it. Interesting and catchy synthwork, infection basslines and trippy soundscapes mesh in an LP that gives a nod to what the music has always been about. but is in no way classic sounding.

A bang up to date album that knows what it is trying to do.

They also have an AMA over on Gearslutz RIGHT now for all you guys into production.

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Owner at NoDoughMusic & Mastering Engineer