Listen up, it’s worth it

Had some friends in the studio lately, whilst we were working on a few new bits and pieces for you all we thought we would share a few favs, simple as that.
Crazy p – lie Lost
The thing I love the most about this warm edged little disco groover, is not the jacked up piano of which i am a huge fan, but it’s the vocal. it’s just pure smooth, unadulterated 2020 perfection.
Daniel Wang – Like some dream I cant stop dreaming
I’ve heard this out so many times over the years and it never ever gets old, timeless and fit for another few years in rotation.
Kaine – love saves the day
Ok this is the 2nd track that’s heavy on the joanna’s in this blog. I admit I am a sucker for a great piano track and this is one. Optimistic music always brings a smile to your face. more please.
Bottin – No static
Ill freely admit, for me Bottin has been a bit hit and miss, and more often than not its been a miss, but this, this is a bullseye, top notch! and enough to keep me interested in this guy.
James Yull – This sweet love (prins thomas sneaky edit)

A great ending to many a great night, for me Prins sneaky edit finishes things off quite well, chilled and achingly beautiful.

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