Cassy AKA Catherine Britton was born right here in the UK but raised in Austria by her parents. Music played a big part in her life, even at 5 years old where she attended a music school and singing in a local choir. Fast forward a few decades and she’s resided in some of the most musically rich cities across Europe including London, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam, perfecting her craft as a DJ and hanging out with A-listers of the Underground. Raw talent doesn’t go unnoticed and consequently secured residencies at Panorama Bar, Rex Club, Cocoon and Circo Loco.

It’s an exciting time for Cassy now as she prepares for the launch of her debut album called Donna which will appear on Will Sauls AUS imprint on the 24th. It took years of stop start writing before she was ready for the world to hear this album, what she calls a ‘more mature version of me and my music’. I immediately took a shine to it because you can really hear the many musical influences she’s been subject to over her life. That soulful voice appears on nearly all the tracks that range from downtempo electronica to latin vibes and 4/4 moody techno.

There’s an abundance of passion gone into this LP, and whilst it may have taken an aweful long time to make, she should be proud as punch about it. Grab it here

There are already some rather tasty remixes of the first single ‘Back’ worth checking out too, delivered by Italojohnson and Mr Tophat & Art Alfie’s from Karlovak. Big stuff!!