May 2016 sees Marcus Intalex release a 9 track 12” under his tough techno alter-ego, Trevino.

‘Front’ is his double EP/album project which lends a sense of old school rave to our ears, starting things off with ‘Black Cat’, a bold synth manoeuvre teamed with a classic Trevino 4/4 progression.
Sounds get chunky and jerky with compound chords, giving an awesome 80’s vibe to ‘The Hop’ which plummets into ‘Defektor Dub’ – one seriously menacing track.

The techno core of this album is juxtaposed with smooth piano riffs in ‘La View’ – a seven minute track of uplifting calmness – breaking up the solid techno clangs and heavy grooves. Next up with ‘Solitude’ averting to a solemn synthesised break down, again throwing things slightly off centre in a way Trevino does so well.

With a further five tracks pounding into techno transcendence, Marcus’ future instalment of the golf inspired music works (his alias is named after Lee Trevino, a favourite golfer of his back in the day) will be oppositely named ‘Back’. Another 9 tracks completing an 18 hole course worth of solid dancefloor bangers within the next 12 months, under (yep, you guessed it) Trevino’s golf enthused imprint ‘Birdie’ – we cannot wait.