Casino Times drop their very first full length on Wolf Music. An LP is a tricky affair for any artist, it’s not something that’s easy to pull off as a package, not like an EP or something smaller can be – they can be simple, often the ideas and concept to keep someone’s attention for the longer runtime require a lot more than usual. That said – I can say that this LP is noteworthy in that it might be some of the best stuff Casino Times have released to date, and that’s saying something. They really nailed the longer format.

This album is done with finesse also, it’s not just more of the same nor is it wildly different to what we know and love. That is the most important bit of pulling something like this off.

The album opens with Piano Hype, which takes us in their typical range of melodic and thick layered House music. Plenty going on but grounded by a solid back beat. There is plenty of variation as we move through and the guys really have a strong hold on unique and strong textures and tones, this is one of their strong suits and as a whole they really killed it on the sound design side.

Familiar Circles gets busy flippin’ between sunset club tracks, thick synthy deepness and a more sampled based aesthetic but they all show you different sides of what these guys can do, this LP is one not to miss. JUNO