Kris Wadsworth – Infiltrator LP (Ultramajik)

Now this is on­e firmly hardware heavy LP. Ultramajic has certainly picked up some techno mystique with this bad boy album; with Kris Wadsworth new LP, all eight tracks provide a spectacularly synthesized touch of Detroit darkness.

Kris has infiltrated Jimmy Edgar’s Berlin based label with the helping hand of a handful of his beloved Roland drum machines and the majestic sound of an Oberheim SEM in full effect. Kicking off with the entitled ‘Infiltrator’ – a subatomic snapper, this sullen track transports you to the deepest depths of space.

With ominous robotic vocal work, the American native supplies a sense of metallic seriousness to the LP. His Detroit roots are projected throughout, especially so in the sub heavy engine starter Diesel which seamlessly leaks into Gearbox, another heavy track to rev up the octo-banger album that was the result from a lengthy studio session.

‘Portrait’ and ‘Milan’ provide the climax to that signature Wadsworth warehouse sound, a raw and appreciable masterpiece of big Techno. The record culminates with ‘Sweetheart’ an ethereal stomper that ends things feeling just right.

Overall this LP is a fine collection of acid basslines and heavy machine layered textures, adding in some industrial scrapings and an electrified vocoder. Infiltrator is the result of taking the sounds of motor city to a progressive parallel dimension…