Kerrier District – 4 (Head High, Kink and Ricardo Villalobos Remixes) (HYPE050)


Stunning record from the Hypercolour chaps. Solid remixes ranging from tricky intricate rhythm, full on burners to euphoric stunners. Lining up we have three people we all should know; Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer’s mix is a crazy tonally intricate affair, so much going on it’s almost confusing, lots of movement and your typical Villalobos beat really add something different to the package.

Kink picks up remix duties on the lead track and provides an epic reworking that’s a little bit reminiscent of his Follow the Step track in that it’s got that epic peak time Kink feeling to it. With two amazingly strong remixes in the bag you would think they would be happy, but no…the best is the third. Head Highs remix is a killer (but then again ain’t all his killers?) This ep offers a little bit of everything we like…

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