Yes yes and yes to this!!! A stonking release on Flashmob LTD by long standing hit maker DJ W!ld. This is underground house in its purest form, no bullshit here. Packed with tasty originals and 3 remixes, we really are spoilt for choice. What I like about Dj W!ld’s originals is how basic they are in structure. Making use of a solid drums section and lead melody can be all you need sometimes. Phil Weeks spices things up on his rework of ‘If’ by adding some more depth with synths and vocal chopping , but it’s still relatively simple. Lovely stuff!

All The Way Round again begins with a basic arrangement of drums with a filtered loop gradually brought in to create crescendo at the break. Mennie and Julien Sandre interpret their own version of this which will work on any crowd gagging to get their groove on. Out on the Dec 18th