Last month Meda Fury released this gem of an EP from Akua Marcelle Grant AKA Lady Blacktronica. We just couldn’t let this one slip by without a blog mention. A versatile house EP rife with personality, each track differs from the next, telling its own little story. Akua’s been on the circuit for some time now, with 2 albums under her belt, so the lass has got skills!

Both A-Side tracks really do the business for me – ‘Oh So Cold’ opens with a massive chunky rhythm and trippy play on the vocals. Things then get a bit groovier on ‘Closer Look’ where she make’s use of another powerful 909 kick and deep chords that appear to have some LFO treatment on the filter, adding more depth to the simple melody. The B-Side is equally as good. She puts her foot well to the floor on ‘Trim The Breaks’, sharp percussive sounds, a rolling bass line and sporadic drum roles to really add some tension. She then puts her vocals to good use with the crazy ‘Akua’s Heart’, which sounds like a mad percussive live jam frenzy.

On the whole a tasty piece of wax so grab your copy from PHONICA HERE

Back in 2007 her track ‘It’s All About Survival’ sparked the attention of many and was remixed by Mike Huckaby, a track that still sounds so fresh. Give it a listen below.