It’s always nice to give support to new labels emerging onto the scene, and you’ve got to credit where credit’s due. Based in Helsinki, the newly launched Dept. imprint is designed to promote Nordic electronic music whilst pioneering its local talent, with the label’s debut release does exactly that by featuring Finnish talents Denzel, Bravik and Satoi whilst also calling upon one of house music’s most iconic purveyors of deep – Fred P.

The EP has a good spread of tracks that should plenty, Denzels opening track ‘About Greatness’ means business with its heavy duty kick and rich pads that conjure a cool deep vibe, whilst Satoi ups the tempo and gives the track a more ambient techno touch. Braviks original 130314 is another bass heavy thumpin 4/4 track, but the house stabs sound a little to common for me, still it’s got good energy.

The pick of the bunch for me is Fred P’s Reshape, I’m a big fan of the New Yorker’s work. Fred moulds a loose cool groove from the original parts and really makes the track his own. Elements of Jazz and a repetative vocal loop that carries it so well. Top stuff from Fred and a strong start for the label. Nice one guys!.Out next week on JUNO here