Some debut coverage for Bumako Recording on the No Dough Music blog. A label run by Jenifa Mayanja since 2007, she’s got the vibe firmly set on the deeper shades of house music, but the good kind! This VA is part 1 of the 3rd volume in the series that will be available to all sometime in June (that’s if vinyl delays permit).

A thoroughly enjoyable release to listen too, with all tracks bringing something fresh to the table. Roberto Bosco’s track ‘Survive’ under his Introspective guise opens the release, delivering octave rich swirling pads, acid licks and powerful drum patterns for the full 8 minutes, meanwhile Berlin-based Finale Sessions and Sound Warrior artist Jay Mond drops the dense and hypnotic ‘Double Thinking’.

The B-Side is equally as diverse, with Sean Bird’s track ‘Untitled’ mixing skippy sub kicks and balaeric melodies to an underlying tight groove, a favorite of mine I’ll admit. Something I’d put on a ‘Back To Mine’ mix if I was ever given the honor of doing one ;). Wallflower close this impressive vinyl release with a really cool jazzy number called ‘Dove Tales’, again serving up deep pads and a 4/4 beat loop with a soothing jazz piano section sitting nicely in the mix. Something for everyone here and an encouraging first part.