Records come and go, some good, some not so good. But every now and again something special rears it’s head above this crowded place we work in, and from first listen I just knew I’d be all over this like a rash. Absolute pure analogue music (the video can vouch for that) with one of the most delightful vocals I’ve heard on an piece of underground electronic music in ages.

Slope 114 are Dmitri SFC and vocalist Elise Gargalikis, who have collectively put together a track that’s so annoyingly simple yet so incredibly addictive. Elise’s vocal slips and slides in and out over the top a monotonous groove and shuffling hats. This tracks is AAAALL about the vocal, so the rest has been purposely left alone to let Elise’s soft tone do all the work. Monty Luke ups the tempo a little on the remix, and makes a few tweaks to the drums, but it’s relatively close to the original. I will never get bored of hearing this, and you wont either. GRAB IT ON WAX HERE

Here is video clip of the guys in action. Top Work!