Deep sample heavy house music is catch of the day on Klamauk Records, serving up a Mini LP of pristine quality by Austrian producer Roman Rauch. You’ll know by now we like things nice and chunky here on the blog, music that’s been treated with due care and attention, plenty of body and groove, and this release is full of it. A total of 7 full tracks that pack huge amounts of punch and draw on Roman’s influences ranging from cutup hip hop, years of digging for samples and also more dancefloor tendencies. Roman weaves his way from funk and soul and broken beat excursions to more heads down deep house music that has equal levels of groove and intensity.

He’s appeared on other imprints like Philpot, quintessentials and 4 Lux to name a few, who have all had a taste of this guys fine production skill. His focus has always been on dusty samples, slowed down grooves and weighty rhythms, which is evident across entire record. A tasty release I’m sure you’ll agree. Grab your from JUNO RECORDS