Today’s blog serves up something a touch more refreshing compared to the recent stuff we’ve posted on here. Swedish label Local Talk is no stranger to us here at No Dough Music and have yet again proved themselves as purveyors of damn good music.

Ben Worral aka Crackazat has a background of jazz compostion and performance who released his debut EP little over 3 yrs ago, showing his skill for downtempo beats and synthfunk. He then began exploring the realms of club music and led on to release an EP on Futureboogie, gaining credit from International DJ’s worldwide who supported his distinct sound. Originally from Bristol he moved to Sweden and a relationship with Mad Matts and Tooli (Local Talk Bosses) quickly flourished. A great artist and a great label rubbing shoulders inevitably led on to a string singles from Crackazat and now this, his first full length album.

The entire tracklist is a pleasure to listen too making it hard for me ‘not’ to crack a smile every time I play it. If you’re feel down then this will brighten up your day. It’s a 13 track strong electronic jazz fest, packed with playful swinging riffs, syncopated melodies and warm bass tones, effortlessly putting the knowledge he has of one genre and applying it to another. ‘Somewhere Else’ ‘Let Love’ ‘Eye Light’ and ‘Size Up’ are fast tempo, energetic little beauties that will have you swinging your hips in a flash. There are a couple of more downtempo numbers such as ‘Brother Band’, ‘Ambience’ and ‘Oh Pagode’ to break things up, and he’s not shy of flexing his deeper club muscle with ‘Tunnel’. In all great debut Album from someone who’s got his head firmly screwed on. You can grab a copy from JUNO HERE.