We’ve been keeping a close eye on this exciting label over the past year, so it gives me great pleasure to be presenting Legendary Sound Researches next record as a Premiere on No Dough Music. LSR was established in 2011 and has accomplished some fantastic releases since then, with a music policy that’s always stayed true to itself and kept a strong vibe. Borrowed Identity, Thorsteinsson, Selvy and Pulp Disco have all shined on the label, and next up is wicked EP by Croatian producer Teleskop.

There isn’t much in the way of info about this artist on the web so I’ve got to take my hat off to the label’s A&R department if this is a debut release. For me it’s all about both the original tracks, full of tight rhythms, elegant sweeping pads and melodies that draw you into some kind of synthesized matrix. Teleskop  not only expresses great engineering skills but also demonstrates a sound knowledge of musical composition. He’s got a lot of Harvey Sutherland about his tracks, which can only be a good thing! Kask & Magnesii both re-create their own versions of the track WMAP, which compliment the original really well.

This EP is due for official release on wax 9th of March so make sure you add this one to the collection if you’re an LSR fan.

Head over to Juno here and get the email notification when its in stock.

What they have to say about it – 

First glimpse into the future comes through Entropolis. Think of an audio landscape composed of highly organized bio- synthetic structures working and evolving in unison, in the form of a mega-lithic urban ensemble. As a second offering, Teleskop puts together a theme for NASA probe WMAP. The probe was tasked with performing cosmological measurements essential to our current understanding of the universe. The music is a visionary excursion into space, complete with fuzzy sweeping pads, groovy riffs and a tight rhythm. There are no clouds in space, this journey is sun- drenched to the fullest!

Magnesii takes the journey further outside our solar system. As objects travel faster, their timeline slows down compared to a standing point of reference. By this principle, Magnesii’s remix turns down the bpm and the universe outside the probe gets distorted into eerie stereoscopical signals. This alien environment has at least one concept in common with humanity which is described through the melancholy of the music.

Kask’s part of the journey is through some rougher cosmic terrain. Under the influence of a black hole’s heavy gravity the probe’s motors push harder to maintain course, the music has energy to burn as structures are close to disintegration! The rhythm is tense, the bass line is pulsating like blood in the veins. Salvation embraces us towards the end as the exercise was successful!