The No Dough Music Podcast returns for the year ahead with a sweet little mix from Hawaiian based Marasco. He swerves nicely in and out of various house sub genres for just over an hour, proving that even if you live on a tiny cluster of islands in the North Pacific – House music prevails! He’s been involved in music about 15 yrs and began his early productive collaborations with Tucillo. Never deviating from his core passion for House music, Marasco has gone on to release many EP’s as a solo artist, with his recent ‘Randomn EP’ on Nordic Trax picking up widespread solid support. Enjoy the mix.

Here is a litte more info on his new Randomn EP on Nordic Trax –

The three-track Random EP floats between deep & tech house with a driving dark late night atmosphere perfect for discerning dancefloors. The title track is built around an eerie sample and string rise and is both modern and classic in its approach to the production. Italian producer C Minor takes things in a more stripped back direction with his remix of ‘Random’, a futuristic reinterpretation for fans of Basic Channel & classic tech house. Finally ‘Stop’ takes things in a big room direction; following an evil bassline & vocal hook this track is equally at home in a sweaty dark warehouse as on the terrace at DC10. BUY FROM BEATPORT HERE