Mr G is an artist who holds nothing back in the studio, his music is strong club music but it always has a message and in this latest release he often puts across deep emotion of the kind other artists find hard to reach. So disclaimer up front, In the past couple of months I had the pleasure of working for him on this record doing the mastering.  So in sharing this blog I am hardly impartial! but believe me when I say, you need to hear this record.

When you have a producer who lays it all out in his work, you can’t help but end up with a piece of work that feels like a window into there state of mind going through difficult times.  As a tribute to his father who passed away,  you really do get a sense of the changing emotions and thoughts and feelings of a man trying to process this and figuring out how the world is now.  Each track offering a different insight and feeling.  It’s an interesting experience as a listener, you gain a window into that world and it adds a sincere richness to the tracks. It’s a journey with as much depth as it has the usual Mr G goodness.

I won’t review this piece track by track, you really need to listen for yourself. Proud to have my name on the back of such a meaningful and classy record.

Usually we would post a soundcloud player but I couldn’t find one from Mr G himself so we go straight to Juno for now. Will see if we can get a better preview up as and when one comes available. BUY THIS ON VINYL