When this chap hit the scene he was known to most as Villalobos’s protege, who heavily endorsed the young Romanian going back about 8 years or so. He’s since been a dominating force in the underground house scene with a global DJ schedule and biannual sets at Fabric since 2008. It was simply a matter of time before he was honored to take a place on the ‘Wall Of Dope Career Achievements’ by getting invited to mix a Fabric CD.

I’ve listened to this several times now and it just doesn’t tire. Never without the groove, Raresh displays his genius underground vibes and tight mixing with a balls out playlist perfectly suited for Room 1 at Fabric. Take me there now!! Get your copy here

‘Across fabric 78 we’re treated to array of textural atmospheres, intricate percussion lines and penetrating low-end tones, all instilled with mind-bending complexities to capture the essence of the Raresh sound brilliantly. The track listing employs a broad spectrum of heavy hitting names and unsung heroes of the underground. Welcoming the likes of Chicago-based producers Amir Alexander and Hakim Murphy who offer up gritty, authentic deep house numbers, through to the more hypnotic and electronic-led styles of Vlad Caia, Cristi Cons and Sonja Moonear’s take on Papa Sang Bass. As expected from such a highly praised DJ the track selection is impeccably placed, resulting in a smooth, ever-evolving and dynamic mix throughout’ – Fabric