This juicy free download marks the launch of a new music brand called Mind Flux curated by Michael L Penman and Mathieu Mirande. The track veers into more tech territory than we’re usually accustomed to but it’s nicely executed with a deep warm groove, stripped back trippy acid riff and a boss kick that cuts through nicely. The whole thing sounds almost extraterrestrial at times, but it’s decent. Having released on some of the highest tech labels in the business such as Ovum and Minus, he means to push forward this new brand forward starting with events in London.

‘With careful attention paid to decorating the spacious venue to help create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, Mind Flux will be a hub for the scene to meet, dance and enjoy music without the worries of heavy door taxes or how to get home afterwards. Michael and Mathieu are keen to foster a real electronic music community with these parties – something that’s often neglected by promoters. It’s about giving back and helping people forge new connections as much as it is about having a good time.’
– Mind Flux

What these guys are planning sounds pretty cool and their ethos of giving back to the people is very much in line with ours here at No Dough Music, and we like that!! So enjoy the freebie and get down the first party –

Date: 28/11/2014
Time: 6pm-12
Venue: Cafe 1001
Address: 91 Brick Ln, London E1 6QL
Price: Free
DJ’s: Michael L Penman (Ovum/Tronic/Minus12) and Mathieu Mirande (ELM)