Beesmunt Soundsystem – Body Shape EP (PETS RECORDINGS)

beesumunt soundsystem - body shape ep

The Beesmunt boys from Amsterdam are easily become some of my favorite producers at the moment. They first caught my attention on Bristolian label Just Jack, and this follow up EP has raised the bar yet again. These guys know exactly what they want out of their gear, with 3 absolutely brilliant tracks all pushing boundaries of a new underground techno style.

Title track Body Shape is just a killer, made for those peak time moments. You’d struggle keeping your hands down if you heard this drop at 2am off your pickle. The B-Side kicks ass too, Amsterdam 808 is quite simple, but the execution of each sound is spot on. Rim shot n Lazers !!

Closing this fine record is a more downtempo and laden with electronica influences. It’s enchanting melody adds a fair dose of emotion to the track, and we all love a bit of emotion don’t we? An essential purchase, and with both wax and digital versions out now. JUNO

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