Looooooove this, 4 cuts from amazing artists and the whole energy of the ep is poppin. Meaty beaty house music at its finest, you really ought to buy this this record! There is stock at JUNO. You could also get a slightly more special Gold stamped copy if you bought it direct from there own webshop but those went pretty quickly and in all honesty I am not at all surprised. Don’t sleep people.

A1. Scott Fraser – “Space & Tapes” (Last Waltz Gordons’ Daughter remix)
A2. Ejeca – “Tetra” (Chamboche In A Headlock remix)
B1. Jock Talk – “No Cure” (Ruf Dug Testarossa respray)
B2. Tim Waine – “No Hats” (Captain Sunshine & The Valley People Wilderness dub)