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Next up from NDV, the world is in a tailspin, the days of rags to riches story’s are gone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a feast. A beggars banquet if you like. Mastered to tape hot and pressed to vinyl.

The record is about the warmth, the dirt and the dynamics – the essence of House music. Kirill Tipo opens the EP, a man who has had recent success on labels like 4Lux and Soul Notes puts his hat into the ring with ‘Call the Police’, raw and uncompromising power house music. Next up the mysterious Crue takes the stage, the masked producer behind the trio of coloured 10″ inch’s that had everyone’s heads spinning. He took some hunting down but when Beggars want their banquet, they always get their chef. True to form he strips the Dead Rose track to bits for his remix. Banger… …nothing more to say.

On the flip side you have melodic synth class with ‘Three Buttons’ by Andy Ash, a track brimming with melody and groove whilst the production has an air and a warmth in its detail that really pulls you in. Dead Rose Music Company delivers a super solid B side raver, a track with a bassline that shakes you physically even if you don’t feel like dancing. Hands up!

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Juno Records – UK

Phonica – UK

Deejay – GER

Decks – GER

Redeye Records – UK

Downtown 304 – USA

Jetset Records- CHINA

Global Groove – UK

Clone – NL

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