Takuya Matsumoto – Ram EP (MEDA FURY)

Meda Fury is a new label from London who’s ethos is putting out quality house music in all it’s various forms. Their second release comes from a very talented Japanese producer named Takuya Matsumoto who can evidently mix up sub genres of house with ease. Musical creativity in abundance from the man in Japan.

When I listen to these tracks over and over I pick out something new every time, which demonstrates the level of complexity at which Takutya works. The A-side tracks feel very alive, full of lovely percussion nested among jivey rhythms and gently layered pads. The B-sides have a more emotion attached that cut a little deeper, however still rife with musical genius.

Limited vinyl copies of this gem came out in march, and I’m sorry to say its out of stock already. But you can get the digi version here


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