So the time is here, my favorite tunes of the year, always hard to pick – actually been such a strong year for GOOD underground music. A lot of great artists now pushing on to create really fresh sound and new styles. So without further ado, and with a glass of bubbly firmly in hand..

2nd: Now the time of mass edits being the in thing has long gone but the artform is still there and this vinyl from Dead Rose Music Company really blew me away, absolutely top class reworking done with such skill and finess. Seriously one of my favorite records in my possession and will be for a long time. In stock too go grab one JUNO

1st: Although they are all mind blowing an really its not fair to put any of these top track in a particular order. But this year one album really stood head and shoulders above a lot for me. Damiano Von Eckherts LP was just brilliant, diverse, amazingly produced and really proper….bravo that man….bravo!

BONUS: Since it’s new year I thought I would pack in an extra bonus to listen to, new on Lets play House. Fantastic mans heartbreaker is sure gonna be playing a lot tonight.

So have a Happy new year everyone, hope you have a great night.
Seems cliche to say.. but 2014’s gonna be pretty exciting…now get your ass out and party!

Love Matt, Antonio and the gang.