NDS-8 – Underground House 2

Analogue : Studer Tape : Neve : Drum shots : Synth Loops : Bass Loops : MIDI : Patches : Instruments : Beats : ARPs

NDS-8 is perfect for lovers of good House music, good Techno and all the multiples of sub genres like Garage, Disco and Dubstep which appreciate that lovely warm super nuanced analogue sound and bags of musical character. Packed with drums primed for beefy punchy beats and thick complex synth loops with the kind of aesthetic you will find on some of the best vinyls of yesterday and today. This is our latest love letter to House & Techno music.

Bringing together dusty analogue synth work alongside creamy leads and some of the lushest pads in existence, Underground House 2 is all about the huge house sound from clubs around the world. Walking that line of musicality with a deft hand whilst retaining an ice cool vibe that will be appreciated by even the most discerning music lovers.

We constantly make sure we are ahead of the curve when it comes to sheer sound quality. From Oberheim to Elektron, from EMU to Akai – this pack features tons of warm analogue drums and loops. Full fat audio and packed with musicality, credibility and power. All sampled to Studer on GP9 tape and then into the DAWat pristine 96k via a Neve preamp to make sure we captured absolutely everything. We also include the files at each stage, so you will find the plain original audio, a few levels of tape saturation and the preamp files, giving you unparalleled choices of tone, no make weight here its all gorgeous.

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Music Samples - House Samples - Drum Samples

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What's included

  • Over 1350 professional double rate 96000hz 24bit WAV shots and loops.
  • Over 1000 Single Shot drums covering Kicks, Claps, Snares, Hats and Percussion
  • 3 Tape tone variations from warm to burnt
  • 1 Neve preamp tone variation
  • Sampler files covering all drums for ease of use.
  • Over 320 Wav Loops, all labled by Key, BPM and Type covering;
  • Music Loops – the main section – full of inspiratioaln leads, pads and other synth lines. Songstarters all.
  • Beats & Drums
  • Bassline Loops
  • Arps and Others
  • A Selection of instrument patches for your sampler using the source sounds from the project
  • A Bonus selection of MIDI to get you started.


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